HD galvanizing

HD galvanizing

a reliable type of anticorrosion treatment of metal products with the formation of a dense zinc compound with metal and the formation of an impermeable barrier against environmental influences.

carried out by dipping of metal products in a zinc molten. As a result, a coating is formed with a thickness of 60 to 200 microns depending on the specified time the metal is kept in the molten. In this case, the physicochemical properties of zinc provide the full range of the protective coating features.

Zavod Prodmash has been providing HD galvanizing services for over 12 years, using the Dutch line. To provide the efficient working of metal structures of various sizes and fittings, two galvanizing tanks are used. Also, suiting the individual needs of the customer and to achieve additional aesthetics metal structures can be painted.

HD galvanizing

Размеры ванны

Вес изделия

Производительность линии

Оцинкование крупногабаритных изделий

12 м х 1,5 м х 2,6 м

до 5,5 т

5 000 т /мес

Оцинкование мелкогабаритных изделий

7 м х 1,2 м х 3,2 м

до 5 кг

2 500 т /мес


  • full processing of the product and quality assurance - at least 15 years
  • sustainability of high corrosion resistance of galvanized products according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011 and GOST 9.307-89
  • profitability and tight production times
  • the ability of the coating to protect the metal base after mechanical damage
  • coating thickness - from 40 to 200 microns, may vary depending on the agreement with the customer and depending on the steel grades that
  • are used for metal structures made from all types of mild steel and low alloyed steel grades, chrome grill and cast steel
  • the coating does not interreact with oil products, solvents, lubricants
  • a wide range of applications of hot-dip galvanized products: power engineering, construction, urban infrastructure, transport and road constructions, oil industry and others

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